According to DMX’s boss, the rapper is still alive and receiving life support.

Steve Rifkind, DMX’s manager, has issued a statement in which he reveals DMX’s current situation in a new video.

DMX’s boss has spoken out about his client’s current state. Following rumors that the 50-year-old rapper had died, his manager confirmed that the rapper is still alive and on life support.

After rumors of DMX’s death spread online last night, fans took to social media to express their condolences.

According to DMX's boss, the rapper is still alive and receiving life support.

Luenell, a comedian, posted a statement on Instagram about DMX’s death, leading many fans to believe the rapper had died. DMX’s boss, Steve Rifkind, did, however, release a video statement confirming that the rapper is still alive.
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Rifkind, who has collaborated with DMX for the past three years, debunked rumors that he had died, revealing that he is actually alive and on life support. He also urged people to “let the family rest” and avoid spreading rumors and false facts. “Everybody posting these rumors, DMX is still alive, he is on life support,” Rifkind said in a video posted on Thursday (April 8).
DMX’s manager also said that the rapper’s family would issue a statement on Friday (April 12). DMX has not regained any brain function after suffering a heart attack and being hospitalized, according to TMZ. According to the study, the family will have to decide whether or not to remove DMX from life support. Arnett Simmons, DMX’s mother, will be the one to make the difficult decision.

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