Why the US may not respond to Buhari’s request for assistance —Falana

The US may not respond to Buhari's request for assistance —Falana

Femi Falana, SAN, a human rights lawyer, claims that the President’s regime is violating human rights. Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.) may be giving the false impression that US troops would be sent to Nigeria to protect Nigerians.
Rather than creating a false perception, the lawyer suggested that the Nigerian government begin mass recruiting, equipping, and motivating military and police personnel to protect any part of the country.
This was mentioned by Falana in a paper he presented at a public lecture in Abuja on Thursday to commemorate Prof Omotoye Olorode’s 80th birthday.
‘Labour And The Search For Nigerian Development: Reflections And Prognosis On The Way Forward’ was the title of the paper.
Buhari requested international assistance on Tuesday to put an end to the unending bloodshed and kidnappings across the country, according to Something Celebrity.


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Former military leader Umaru Yar’Adua has asked US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken for help in dealing with Nigeria’s security threat. Buhari, who warned of a possible spillover of insecurity to neighboring West African nations, also urged the United States to consider relocating the US Africa Command from Stuttgart, Germany, to Africa, closer to the Theater of Operations.
In response to the Buhari government’s request for assistance, Falana said the government should reinforce its security forces rather than wait for US assistance, which is unlikely to arrive.
“Regrettably, Nigeria is currently experiencing the virtual deterioration of the neocolonial State’s security infrastructure due to the diversion of a large fund earmarked for the purchase of weapons and ammunition for the armed forces and police by successive regimes,” the senior advocate said.
“To prevent terrorists and bandits from overthrowing the government, President Buhari has enlisted the help of Vice President Joe Biden to assist the ruling class in the fight against terror and banditry. The federal government has also requested President Biden to move the US African Command (AFRICOM) from Germany to Africa without consulting the African Union or ECOWAS.
“Since 2009, the cry for assistance in prosecuting counter-insurgency operations has gone unheard by Western politicians. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the US and its allies stopped Nigeria from obtaining critical security equipment needed to fight terrorism.
the military and police have a dismal track record when it comes to human rights.
“Even though the Buhari administration was granted $329 million in November 2018 to purchase 12 super Tucanofighter jets to help counter-insurgency operations in the North East Region, the jets have yet to be delivered.
“Rather than give Nigerians the false impression that the US would send troops to protect them, the federal government should be forced to begin mass recruiting, equipping, and motivating military and police personnel to defend every part of the country.
In addition, both state and local governments should move forward by forming defense committees made up of young men and women in each city to work with the police to protect all citizens’ lives and property.”

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