Nicki Minaj returned to the spotlight on Thursday night (May 13), shortly before releasing an extended version of her 2009 mixtape Beam Me Up Scotty for the first time on streaming platforms. People couldn’t help but notice her constant sniffles during an Instagram Live session, prompting rumors of drug use. Azealia Banks, who isn’t afraid to speak her mind, was among those who wondered if Nicki had done cocaine before joining the massive social media platform.

“If you sniffle one more time on this muthafucking Live, sis,” she said. “The Barbz, you need to double-check her on that. No, we have to talk about that sniffling, Nicki. You not low. You are not low. Please, sis, stop sniffling. That shit is no longer even cute. Cocaine is no longer even cocaine. The original formula was lost when they imprisoned El Chapo, bitch. “Please stop putting whatever you’re putting in your nose. Whatever you’re putting in your nose, whether it’s baby powder or teething powder. Nicki, please stop putting it in your nose. That is not acceptable. And those titties have the appearance of a butt.” It didn’t take long for Nicki Minaj to respond to the commotion. On another Instagram Live, she categorically denied ever ingesting cocaine. “I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I wouldn’t be ashamed of any fuckin’ drugs I did,” she claimed. “That’s why, in my muthafuckin’ music, I talk about the muthafuckin’ drugs I do. I always have, and I always fucking will. If I’m not on ’em, I’m not on ’em, child.

“However, I want to make this clear, so open everyone’s ears, clear them out. I have never, ever sniffed coke with my hands on Jesus Christ — and you all know how I feel about my Lord and Savior — never, ever in my life. Never, ever.” Nicki, on the other hand, admitted to having allergies and taking the allergy medication Allegra on a regular basis. “If I had ever done coke in my life, I would have been rapping about it,” she continued. “It’s just never been my go-to drug. I take Allegra every day, and I now have to take it twice a day, sometimes three times a day. But this is me, whether I’m crying or just blowing my nose. Throughout the day. All the time, I’m runny and sniffly.”

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