Propeller ads multiTag

All you need to know about propeller ads multiTag

What is propeller ads multi tag about

A multi purpose tag that contains all ad format at ones for easy integration

one of the benefits of the multi tag

Ballanced setting and optimised rate for maximum profit

What i need to know about Propeller ads multi tag

Propeller ads multiTag

Propeler ads multi tags just got better with a lot to benefit from both Advertisers and publishers are tend to make it massively in their various field, and it even supper easy to monitise with an increase revenue upto 25% the good thing is that as a publisher you dont need to waist musch time trying to figure out the best place you can place your ads code.

Propeller ads multiTag

With the multi tag you only copy and past just a single code snippet on your website then boom everything start working fine and you start seeing ads being served immidiately with no furder delay
Honestly i have tried both the multi tag ads and the non multi tags ads they are all same but with the multi ads tag u get higher revenue by just coping and pasting one ad code

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