The FG publishes a new list of violators of COVID-19 travel guidelines

The FG publishes a new list of violators of COVID-19 travel guidelines

The COVID-19 presidential governing committee released the second group of travelers on Thursday evening, which violated the Travel Advisory imposed. The chairman, Boss Mustapha, said in his statement, that after the compulsory seven-day quarantine for those arriving from the restricted countries had been evaded, the violators were declared persons of interest.

He also listed their punishments to include the disabling, for a period of no less than a year, of travel passports, cancellation of visas/licenses for aliens who abused the hospitality of Nigeria, and prosecution under the health protection regulation of 2021. The declaration included the names of 132 violators. In addition to the 90 violators who published the first list on Sunday. The statement reads, “A travel advisory for passengers who arrived from Brazil, India and Turkey to Nigeria was issued on 1 May 2021.

“These precautionary measures constitute necessary measures to mitigate the risk that the variants of concern are imported and to break down the population transmission chain. ‘In accordance with these new measures, passengers arriving or visiting either of these three countries must follow compulsory arrival quarantines and test protocols in designated facilities within fourteen months prior to their visit to Nigeria. “However, while most arriving passengers have followed the guidelines on a due course, some (Nigerians and foreigners) in violation of the provisions of COVID-19 health protection Regulations 2021. The president’s steering committee has observed.

‘So those persons whose names and passport numbers have been declared to be Persons of interest by reason of posing a significant danger to public health and violating the Nigeria CVID 19 protocol on travel by avoiding the obligatory seven-day quarantine for those who arrive f ‘Interests have therefore been declared to be persons of interest “This notice advises members of the public that these people of interest are an immediate threat to society’s health.

Therefore, they must safely transport themselves to the state public health offices nearest them for immediate evaluation within 48 hours of this notice, and call Port Health Services or the Ministry of Health for further directions on 08036134672 or 08032461990.

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“In addition, the PSC shall take further steps to punish these infringers. The following steps include: the disablement for a period of not less than one year of their passports and the cancellation, and the 2021 Health Protection Regulations of visa/licenses for foreigners who abused Nigeria’s hospitality.”

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