During the 2010 prison sentences on arms charge, the young money rapper called Funk Flex’s show and proposed to work with Tech N9ne and André 3000. In 2010 Lil Wayne was serving prison for weapons charges. Tech N9ne wanted to thank Weezy personally for his comment and finally became one of his very few Rikers Island visitors. As it turned out, Wayne stick to his word and finally paired it with the “Interlude” legend from the Carter IV record.

Tech N9ne reflected on the prison visit which led to collaboration and revealed Andrea 3000 reaction to his verse. during his appearance on HipHopDX’s Hack3d series. “It is why [Lil Wayne] placed me on Tha Carter IV with André fucking 3000,” he said. “And he told me a truly warm-hearted story. He said that André was like, ‘Who is that?’ when he played for André. ‘This is Tech N9ne,’ he said. André said, ‘Mistress!’ I said ‘Damn,’ to André! I’m never telling this story to anyone.”

The “Interlude” produced by Willy Will was published in August 2011 and features a Tech N9ne verse which refers to Lil Wayne’s advice. Tech N9ne raps on the song: “Thanks you baby for what Lil Wayne became.” “Today, everybody knows’ that I/O was so strange to hang into fame, but when he shouted my name, it was a change in my lane / i’m a cluster-fuk and love nothin’ but to get your brain / and I’m stuck in lust and fast into a nut / I’m an n-lady gga’s not shameful.” Lil Wayne admitted that on his 2010 jail call with Funk Flex he only played his own music but André 3000 and Tech N9ne were on the wish list.

“With you I’m going to be very honest, I don’t hear any Rikers music,” he told him at the time. “I listen to everything, if I hear anything, it’s sports… but it’s because I never listen to any music other than mine. I don’t listen to anything, as I can’t do that up here. I hear nothing except my sports… I’m a fan of sports.”

He added, “I told myself that I wanted to do either André or Tech N9ne a song. Besides, I truly tried to make a song with this little dude, this Weezy boy. He’s silly [laughs] that boy Weezy.’ “Interlude” was the start of several Tech N9ne-Lil Wayne collaborations, with the pair linking the Fuck foods of 2011 with the “Bass Backward” of 2015. Wayne’s love of Tech N9ne was still strong, quickly forward to 2019, since he revealed that he was the only rapper he had ever listened to.

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