Biden is in the United Kingdom, seeking the backing of European allies.

President Joe Biden began his first overseas tour of his presidency on Wednesday with a vow that the United States was returning, as he sought to reclaim his country’s position on the world stage and reassure European friends frightened by his predecessor.
According to KVIA News, Biden has set lofty goals for his eight-day tour, thinking that the West must openly demonstrate its ability to compete
economically with China as the world recovers from the coronavirus outbreak. It’s a direct rebuke to his predecessor, Donald Trump, who shunned relationships and withdrew from a global climate change accord, which Biden has since rejoined.
The president’s first stop was at Royal Air Force Mildenhall, where he met with US servicemen and their families and set out his objective for the trip.
“We will make it obvious that the United States is back, and democracies are banding together to confront the most difficult challenges and issues that matter most to our future. That we are devoted to strong leadership, preserving our principles, and delivering for our people.”


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As the president and the audience wore masks — a reminder of the pandemic that is still raging across much of the world even as its threat recedes within the United States — the problems that await Biden overseas were evident. “We must put an end to Covid-19 not just at the end of the year.

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