Tensions rise when the Anambra community invades neighboring fields; many people go missing as a result.


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THE schism between the Omor and Anaku communities in Anambra State’s Ayamelum Local Government Area has worsened as a result of an attack on rice growers. Udoji Amaedu, an Omor spokeswoman, claimed many people were thought missing or killed in the incident. He claimed that the incident started when Anaku youths blocked a federal road leading to Ayamelum Local Government Area.

James Nzekwesi, Chukwutoo Onyeagolu, Emmanuel Raymond, and others were among those taken and perhaps slain, according to Amaedu. “These are all folks from Omor who have yet to be seen or heard from,” he explained. According to reports, armed teenagers attacked the farmland at 8.20 a.m. and allegedly started fire on rice growers.

Last month, the two towns engaged in a similar attack in which houses and other goods were damaged. Okwudili Chukwuemeka, an Omor rice farmer, said, “I was at my rice farm distributing chemicals when they started fire on us.” As I raced for my life, I yelled. “Thank God, I escaped unharmed,” he remarked. Another farmer, Avuluiveekwulu Obiorah, stated, “I had assumed efforts to resolve the problem were in high gear, but I was horrified when I heard gunfire and witnessed Omor farmers fleeing their land.” We could hear them screaming war songs as we rushed.

The Local Government Chairman, Benjamin Onyeabo, a lawyer, said he received the information and immediately took action to avoid further conflict between the two groups.

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