On his new single ‘Whine,’ Akuchi reaches for the dancehall.

On his new single 'Whine,' Akuchi reaches for the dancehall.

“Whine,” a song bursting with colorful synths and lively drums, encourages one’s love interest to surrender to dance. The song captures the carefree nature of a party, with lyrics like “we piss each other off and we eat each other out” emphasizing the message of having romantic fun even when affairs become somewhat complicated. Rising Akuchi, a Nigerian musician, has released his latest single, “Whine.” The song comes after the artist’s debut of the year, “Solo.”

On his new single 'Whine,' Akuchi reaches for the dancehall.

Following that, and perhaps surprisingly, Akuchi took a break from professional music, opting to live his day-to-day reality as an undergraduate, first at Afe Babalola University, then at the University of Buckingham in England and the Pan Atlantic University in Nigeria. His love of music, on the other hand, inspired him to learn about production and sound engineering. To demonstrate his hardworking nature, Akuchi is a co-founder of Big Music, the record label to which he is currently signed.

“Whyne” captures the evolution of Akuchi’s music, which is inspired by his life journey. In a recent interview, he stated, “[his] strategy is to give the people a story that no one can make up or re-make.” He’s certainly delivering on those words, judging by his recent string of releases. 

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