Buhari blames flooding on Nigeria’s food inflation, greedy intermediaries.

Buhari blames flooding on Nigeria's food inflation, greedy intermediaries.

As other important issues, Buhari blames insecurity, and COVID 19. President Muhammadu Buhari argues that floods and greedy intermediaries are two of the major hurdles in the food revolution of its administration.

The headline and food inflation in Nigeria had been gradually increasing for almost two years before they slowed down in the last three months. Nigerians are continuing to battle hard food prices, according to the NBS last week, that food inflation has risen to 21.83percent (year-on-year).

On Monday 19 July 2021, in his Eid address, Buhari stated the situation had a part in charge of the COVID-19 epidemic and the floods. His administration has been heavily affected by these circumstances as it strives to improve local production and dramatically reduce imported food. “Intermediaries have also exploited Nigerians from local rice production, so undermining our purpose of promoting local production of food at reasonable prices.” ” The President also charged Nigeria as another issue that severely affected food production with its continued struggle with rising insecurity. He highlighted that many farmers have no access to their farms due to the threats of bandits and terrorists. Buhari has promised that by improving the security forces’ capacity, the administration is tackling the security concerns.

The 78-year-old claimed he was motivated to create a fair, harmonious and prosperous land to provide life and property security. He asked Muslims to celebrate the Eid to live exemplary lives and to help advance the nation.

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