Ighoho: FG’s extradition request may be refused by Benin Republic ― Akintoye


On Tuesday, Emerito Professor Banji Akintoye, renowned historian, and leader of the Yoruba Self-Determination Groups, affirmed that Yoruba Freedom Fighter, Chief Sunday Adeyemo, has been arrested, and that he, along with other Yoruban patriots, is working to help him prevent the extradition to Nigeria of him.

Akintoye called upon all Yoruba peoples, within and outside the coast of Nigeria, to ensure their ancestral country was not defeated by invaders, in a statement by his Communication Manager, Maxwel Adeleye. The statement reads: “Last night I heard the sad news that Chef Sunday Adeyemo was detained in Cotonou airport as Igboho was fondly called. “We know that some people are trying to suppress or even eliminate him only because he stood up to defend his kinsmen, women and children who are being massively killed and raped in their ancestral home Land; who are having their assets and means of livelihood destroyed, and who are facing ethnic cleansing and even genocide without having the benefit of protection by the rulers of their country.

What the current circumstance demands is that the Yoruba nation at home and in the diaphora be resolute in its decision not to undergo any inhuman or dehumanizing treatment of Sunday Igboho or of any other Yoruba individual. “By the grace of God, we Yoruba are a nation that is exceedingly powerful. This strength needs to be shown now.

To begin with, we must immediately ensure that Ighoho’s freedom is restored to Sunday in the interests of being able to travel and act freely. We are all aware that he did not commit a crime. “We know, moreover, he has taken the legal-aprorship step, namely to seek the participation of the International Criminal Court, in the defense of its people who are being brutalized.” <p>

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