Gedoni and Khafi of BBNaija expecting Odion Okonofua as a first kid Pl

Former roommates, big brother Naija and two of them, Gedoni and Khafi wait together for their first child. On Wednesday, 21 July 2021, TV celebs actually carried the huge announcement on their Instagram sites.

The way God’s speciality about me ehn, Gedoni wrote. I’m the happiest person on this planet. “Slow down Bump ahead..

For Khafi, the rumors that she is pregnant have come true for the last two years. I’ve been pregnant for the last two years, some of you say. I’m glad to tell you that your predictions have finally come true! She wrote that I could’t be more happy. Gedoni and Khafi wait for their first children together for the ex-rooms, older brother Naija and two of them. TV celebrities made an enormous statement on their Instagram profiles on Wednesday, 21 July 2021. How the specialty of God is about me, Written by Gedoni. On this earth, I’m the happiest person.” Little by little Bump ahead.. Bump ahead..

Khafi has been rumoring she is pregnant for two years now. Over the past two years, some of you say, I’ve been pregnant. I’m delighted to say that you finally realized your predictions? I couldn’t be happier, she wrote. 

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