Chimamanda Adichie answers priest who aggressively abused her during her mum’s funeral mass

The Catholic Parish priest was verbally attacked by the Nigerian author, Chimamanda Adichie, on comments about her mother’s funeral in Nigeria. Nigerian author Chimamanda Adichie replies In a viral video subsequently, the prize winning author revealed that during her interview with the Nigerian Catholic Church, she was furiously left to the church over the verbal attack by the Parish Priest and only returned to explain what she said in her speech.

Adichie added that the parish priest had multiple occasions in Igbo Dialect to convey personal disgust with the interview, but he never did that. She told her how the priest indicated that she was not present in Nigeria because of the Catholic Church

All about money. Everything is about money. The author of the “Americanah” said what she said about the Catholic church in the interview, but she does not really like people obliged to donate money.

She also offered an example when parishioners were blocked away from the parish because a fundraising ceremony was held in the parish. Six children survived: Ijeoma, Uchenna, Chuks, Okechukwu, Keneshukwu, and nine grandchildren, in-laws and many relatives. She is also a survivor.

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