Days 3 and 4 of the Housemates’ stay were filled with talent! Nollywood’s Big Brother Nigeria

Days 3 and 4 of the Housemates’ stay were filled with talent! Nollywood’s Big Brother Nigeria

From the Task Presentation preps, to all the various moments in-between, it is evident our Housemates are a talented lot. Everybody is excited to share their wonderful abilities in Biggie’s House this year, and it’s full with interesting and talented people.

While relaxing about in the #BBNaija garden, the Housemates surprised us all with an unexpected talent exhibition. Shine Ya Eye Season may bring out some of their distinctive musical skills, which they shared with us. Yerins the Polymath is in the House! We learned that he is a jack of all trades, but a master of one – music. In the beginning, he performed his own song with passion. Also included are three-verse versions of “Dreams” and a special hook for the Big Brother TV show.

“You’d better make sure you’re looking at me straight in the eye!” If you cry for yes, you will not be able to see the way. We’ll work until the day we die for it, huh. You cannot survive if you are weak,” he continued. He added that his migration to Lagos in 2020, where he intended to discover the hard life of residents in the state, was the motivation behind his songs. Whitemoney’s other Housemates had a good time until it was his turn to speak. His fellow Housemates were enthralled as he freestyled, “I recall when I used to suffer and hunger.” During his performance, Jaypaul didn’t miss a beat and provided us with a unique mix of sounds. We’ll never forget the night that all the male Housemates gathered together in the Executive Lounge, thanks to his unique sense of humor. He also sang “Rambo Rambo” in 2020, which he will release. We also watched Niyi show off his rapping skills with a song he claims he wrote before entering the BBNaija house. Pere is on the prowl for John Legend’s piano! We were surprised by his flawless vocals and high notes as he sang ‘Ordinary People’ by the legendary artist. After sharing that she suffers from performance anxiety, Angel went on to perform a mashup of popular songs for the Housemates. She also sang a few notes in the kitchen earlier today, and we couldn’t help but notice how beautiful her voice is. In addition to her rapping, Beatrice’s fellow Housemates joined in on a hilarious sing-a-long. The Task Presentation is right around the corner, and we can’t wait to see what this amazing group has in store.

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