It’s Day 2 and Peace is the Season’s first HoH! Nollywood’s Big Brother Nigeria

It's Day 2 and Peace is the Season's first HoH! Nollywood's Big Brother Nigeria

Girls are in charge! 

Peace is at the top of the food chain this week after winning the first Shine Ya Eye Head of House Challenge. Yousef, her Deputy, joins her at the summit. As part of the Challenge, our Housemates competed in the newly decorated Games Lounge for this significant prize. Big Brother chastised the Housemates for taking too long to reach the Games Lounge before the first Head of House Challenge began. Big Brother then explained the terms of the HoH Challenge to the gang.

Let’s start with the motivation:
As a result of winning tonight’s vote, the winner will be immune from a possible Eviction next week, while also earning exclusive access to the Head of House Lounge for the week, as well as the freedom to choose a Housemate to serve as their Deputy in the lounge. Even though the Games will remain constant throughout this season, certain features, such as the Challenges, will change every week. They were given a moment to roam about and familiarize themselves with the mat before Biggie declared it time to get down to business. The rules of the game are as follows: If the buzzer sounds, pick up the die and throw it into the machine. *If you don’t obtain a six on your first roll, you must attempt again and again until you do. It’s mandatory to retrieve your pawn piece and position it on the start point if you roll a 6. Your game has officially begun. Then, throw the die again and move your pawn piece according to the number on the dice. Suppose you’re already on step number 5 and you throw a 3 at that point. Step number 8 requires you to move your piece three steps forward. This game is about getting to “Big Brother’s eye” So, a little speed would be recommended.

It’s Day 2 and Peace is the Season’s first HoH! Nollywood’s Big Brother Nigeria

How it began… 

Game expressions were fixed on the faces of the Housemates as they snuggled close. Yerins was the first to be called to the front of the line of combatants. As he waited for the buzzer, you could hear a pin drop. Housemates gesticulated surreptitiously in the background, probably communicating the rules of the Game to their counterparts. Yerins was off and running after a botched start. A heart-stopping soundtrack played over the speakers as he spun the dice. It was necessary that he acquire assistance from his Housemates. By the time Yerins had blown on the pink balloon, the buzzer had sounded. Hands on his waist as he panted loudly. Nini was up next and put up a wonderful performance. Unluckily, she had jumped instead of hobbling on one leg and the buzzer went off after she had done this four times. A never-ending game of tossing dice appeared to engulf Saga, and the buzzer finally went off without him having any luck. A bad start for Princess on the other hand. On the tiles, her dice landed. Eventually, joy came, but it was too late. Sportsmanlike, her Housemates commended her efforts. A dancer, Cross seemed to have the edge in the Head of House race, because he was off! He was unlucky when the buzzer boomed through the Lounge. Maria had better luck than others and brought the Housemates to their feet with a fantastic performance. Boma then put on an excellent performance on the mat. 

Moving forward… 

Throughout, Peace appeared to be tense and unsure. But the adulation she received from her fellow Housemates encouraged her to give it her best effort. Yousef, donning a purple hat, appeared to dither, but he managed to get his feet going quicker than they could take him and attach a balloon to his head. Despite her best efforts, Beatrice was unable to complete the course. After nearly failing to get past the first round, Niyi made it through. He didn’t appear to be really interested in inflating his blue balloon beyond the range of his lungs. As soon as it began to resemble a bubble, he gave up on trying to create one! Angel, on the other hand, was unable to put on a show as spectacular as her belly chain. Compared to Pere, who ran back and forth, it appeared that he had the upper hand. Some of his Housemates could be heard cheering him on from the other side of the room. Jaypaul snapped his head back in frustration. Meanwhile, the rest of the Housemates kept an eye on the situation. Sammie’s efforts also drew applause, but he appeared to have lost his way at some point. As a result, Liquorose was not happy. While rolling the dice, she said beneath her breath. Despite his best efforts, Jaypaul was unable to catch the errant dice, which he mistakenly believed to be a soccer ball. All the girls were behind Arin, who received hugs and kisses for her efforts.

Now we’re in the home stretch!
While Whitemoney began out fast, he interrupted his sprints with leisurely strolls. It was time for the buzzer to go off. When the dice didn’t cooperate, Saskay took off like a racehorse. A 10km sprint was heard when the buzzer went off as she battled to blow up and knot her balloon. On the other end of the spectrum, Jackie B wrapped things out with a bang. In an effort to demonstrate how serious she was, she flung her spectacles off. She was wheezing by the time she finished her round, earning herself high fives.

What happened at the conclusion of the day… 

Peace, on the other hand, emerged victorious despite all of the high fives. While her Housemates clapped and cheered for her, she glowed with excitement when Biggie made the announcement. When Biggie asked her who she would choose as her Deputy HoH, she didn’t hesitate. “Yousef!” she yelled back. for the next two days, Peace is allowed to have visitors, but only if they don’t sleep over. Peace and Yousef deserve a round of applause! 

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