King of the poker face on Day 6 of BBNaija

King of the poker face on Day 6 of BBNaija

When it becomes clear which of the two Wildcards is in the house, the unshaken Housemate maintains his composure. In the Dairy Session of last night, Pere and Maria were revealed to the world. How did Pere know what 

happened in Oba? Many of you correctly guessed this when social m was abuzz with the question. For more information, please refer to the following Because we didn’t see it coming, we’re fascinated by the accuracy of the #BBNaija investigation geng’s information. The Wildcards have been identified. Will they reveal themselves to their fellow Housemates? Pere’s game face is one thing we can’t get over. This Housemate is adamant about getting his hands on the money, and nothing stands in his way. There is a growing sense of confidence among the Housemates as they open up about their suspicions. He even assists them in their quest to find the Wildcards. He looks them straight in the eye and nods in agreement, as if he were a cucumber. This man really knows his poker face. Due to the order in which Maria’s and Nini’s Diary Sessions occurred, Pere guessed that Maria or Nini could be the second Wildcard.

 Biggie’s clever tip to the Housemates, who had been asking for a clue, made this an easy guess for him. Maria’s worries were soothed by Pere as the Housemates searched for a Wildcard. The lion would guard the youngster, he assured her, implying that he was in control of the matter. They don’t want to risk losing their cover at this stage because the game is only getting more exciting.

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