‘All men are scum,’ says Hilda Dokubo, a veteran actress.

‘All men are scum,’ says Hilda Dokubo, a veteran actress.

'All men are scum,' says Hilda Dokubo, a veteran actress.

Because of a broken relationship, nigeriana actress Hilda Dokubo has admonished young women who often say, “all men are filth.” This week, the 51-year-old film star delivered a video message with her Instagram followers in which she urged women to reflect on what went wrong in their relationships and then make concerted efforts to heal them instead of calling each other names.

The fact that I have sons and that my mother gave birth to them is one of the things that annoys me. Many of my acquaintances do not have any daughters, but only males instead. In your own home, you tell us that all men are scum, and you label our life savings scum,” she remarked.

“Are you being sincere with me?” If you’re dating him now, and anything goes wrong, you’ve just turned him into a scumbag, but you weren’t dating him before. Ask yourself why you are attracting scum. This could also be true of you. If a relationship fails for one person, it doesn’t mean it won’t work for another. Dokubo added that ill-mannered people cannot be identified by gender. Many people, both men and women, have bad manners. That doesn’t make somebody a scumbag,” she replied.

As a result, what did not work for you may have worked for two other people.” A full human being produced by God and raised by another mother cannot be viewed as slime because of one person. Be strong, since you never know if you will give birth to the next scoundrel.” Rather than dwelling on what went wrong, you should reflect on what went right, because there were aspects of that connection that you enjoyed that we weren’t aware of.” 

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