The Russian Embassy in Nigeria has launched a program to promote Russian culture and language in Nigeria.

The Russian Embassy in Nigeria has launched a program to promote Russian culture and language in Nigeria.

As a result, “the Embassy is already taking steps to assist the ‘Istochnik Initiative’ in its integration into the Russian government’s system of programs for Russian citizens abroad.”

Stochnik, a non-governmental organization (NGO) effort to promote Russian culture and language among Russians and other interested parties, was officially launched by the Russian Embassy in Nigeria on Monday. The Embassy released a statement on Wednesday in Abuja to confirm this.

Ogla Igbo, a Russian citizen, took the initiative to promote Russian education in Nigeria, the Embassy claimed.

Vasiliy Zolotuhin, Russian Minister-Counsellor in Nigeria, noted that the effort signified a fresh beginning for the Russian Community in Nigeria during the ceremonial opening. This ceremonial inauguration was held because Istochnik, which is set to start in 2020, has acquired momentum in its first year of operation. As the second organization of Russian compatriots in Nigeria, “Istochnik Initiative” was officially inaugurated today. The first was the Russian House in Lagos. “I can’t help but remark on the excellent choice of title for this non-profit organization.” This NGO promises to be a spring of new and innovative trends in the Russian Community of Abuja and Nigeria in general.

Istochnik Initiative integration into Russian government initiatives for Russian compatriots abroad is already underway, according to the ambassador. The Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission registered Mr Igbo’s organization on 28 January 2020. In her words, the Russian Language and Culture Society was created to promote interest in the language and culture among Russian compatriots as well as Nigerians of Russian descent and the Russian-speaking population in Nigeria. As well, the Istochnik Initiative attempts to popularize Russian education in Nigeria and promote Russian colleges in the country.”

As a result, the NGO is anticipated to promote and support Russian-Nigerian economic, social, and business activities. Finally, the NGO aims to give social, financial, legal, and logistical help to Russian compatriots and the Russian-speaking community as a whole, she stated. As reported by the News Agency of Nigeria, Mrs Olga Ivanovna Igbo is well-known in Nigeria and Russia as a Russian Language/Literature specialist. Russian Language lecturer at the University of Ibadan and senior lecturer at the V.I. Surikov Moscow State Academy of Art, she has extensive experience. (NAN)

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