Hundreds of people storm an IDP camp in Yobe after a flood kills five people.

Hundreds of people storm an IDP camp in Yobe after a flood kills five people.

Five persons have been murdered in a flood in Potiskum, Yobe State, following torrential rains that wrecked many homes and forced hundreds of locals to seek safety at Kwata and Arikime Primary Schools in the Potiskum Local Government Area. The deluge occurred on Sunday evening, just before the NIMET forecast called for steady rainfall in Yobe and other parts of the federation. According to witnesses, the rain washed away houses, leaving most of the people without a roof, forcing them to relocate to a temporary camp.

In the rain, five persons were killed. The rain began on Sunday afternoon and persisted for well over three hours. There are a lot of residences that have been washed away. Because I didn’t count the houses, I can’t give an exact figure. However, some people and their property were entirely destroyed. The powerful wind that followed the rain removed some roofs, while numerous other buildings were engulfed in water,” a resident, Adamu Ibrahim, said.

Adamu further revealed that flood victims in several villages lost all food and property as a result of the flooding disaster. Meanwhile, the state government delivered food and non-food supplies to the displaced residents through the state disaster management agency, as well as canopies for the construction of temporary shelters at their homes. 

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