According to singer Simi, “People Are Suffering” due to the current state of the Nigerian economy.

Well-known Nigerian singer-songwriter Simi has expressed regret for the country’s economic situation.

According to singer Simi, "People Are Suffering" due to the current state of the Nigerian economy.

Simi voiced her outrage at the suffering of people in the nation on the microblogging site X.

The singer declared that something had to give before everything collapses.

In her words:

“People are suffering. I don’t even know what to say. Something has to give before everything crumbles.”

Some user’s comments

Xtertainer suggested: “Render the little help you can, leave the rest for God”

Abby Abi said: “Hmmm. The suffering is deep. The number of beggars is on the increase daily. You see them and your heart breaks because you’re also just hanging by a thread. Nigerians need to wake up.”

IFEANYI noted: “We thought we’ve seen the worst from Bubu, until BAT entered.. This Shege is now premium.”

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