How about it? Seven days before Valentine’s Day, a Nigerian lady begs for death following her boyfriend’s breakup text.

After getting a breakup text from her lover before Valentine’s Day, a young Nigerian woman has sparked debates on social media, urging her sister to murder her and throw hot water on her eyes.

How about it? Seven days before Valentine's Day, a Nigerian lady begs for death following her boyfriend's breakup text.

With the subtitle, “Our sister had breakfast before Valentine’s Day,” the occurrence is documented in a video.
Seven days before Valentine’s Day, a Nigerian woman texts her lover to break up and says, “I want to faint.”
A breakup occurs for a Nigerian woman seven days prior to Valentine’s Day.

The Nigerian woman’s face is shown in the video clutching a phone, and it looks like she’s read the breakup text.
She can be heard inviting a different female in the room—possibly her sister—to come look at the message her boyfriend sent

“Come and see the message this boy sent me,” was her response after reading the note. Please, sister, let me pass out and die. So that I may only die once, throw boiling water in my nose and eyes.

In the video, she makes a number of other claims that have drawn interest from social media users.

They have also posted their opinions in the comment area.

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